I Scream! You Scream!

User Rating: 7.5 | Twisted Metal III PS
The Twisted Metal series has known to raise the bar on car combat. When Twisted Metal 3 was released however, not so much being developed by 989 Studios. Though that may be the majority opinion, some (including myself) enjoy the game.

Twisted Metal 3 really has no initial story as TM and TM2 did. Just another tournament hosted by Calypso.

Once again, players will battle in locations around the world. New battlegrounds include London, Washington D.C., and even the North Pole. Although it was a nice try, some of these levels will fail to captivate the imagination. Some landmarks can be destroyed, but not as much as TM2.
Sweet Tooth returns with a few TM veterans, along with a few new ones. New bloods include a hippy chick and an arsonist. TM2 favorites such as Twister, Mr. Slam, and Grasshopper won't be found here though.

Classic TM gameplay returns with solid controls. Game physics have changed as well. Cars will now flip over as if in real life. At times this can get annoying, but you learn to ignore it.

Graphics have improved over TM2. The only letdown is that the comicbook style of TM2 has been traded for 3D cutscenes. Big mistake.

Sound includes a licensed soundtrack this time around. Big time artists such as Rob Zombie and Pitchshifter lend their fast riffs to the game. It's great to listen to "Superbeast" while destroying your foe, but you may miss the original songs composed by SingleTrac.

Twisted Metal 3 is lesser when it comes to the first two games. It improves some and it loses some. It is a good game, but I prefer you rent it first.

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