Twisted Metal: Black Cheats For PS2

  1. Axel's alternate Special attack.

    When you have a special quickly press up 3 times.Axel will then grab his wheels and pull them together.You can then do a very powerful ramming move.

    Contributed by: Xsquader 

  2. Shadow's alternate Special attack.

    When you have a special press up 3 times. She will come out from the top and fire. Similar to Outlaw's special, but more quick.

    Contributed by: BradFelizardo 

  3. Unlocking Minion

    To unlock Minion you have to beat the game with everybody (including the secret characters) on any difficulty.

    Contributed by: Xsquader 

  4. Unlock Yellow Jacket

    1) Blow up the plane in the junkyard level with a fire missile.
    2) Locate the crash site and enter the plane.
    3) Find the area in the plane where the computer panel is.
    4) Destroy the panel to unlock Yellow Jacket.

    Contributed by: kingmark 

  5. Unlock Warthog

    1. Go to the Suburbs level.
    2. Find the Carnival area (there should be a ferris wheel and other things there).
    3. Turn left as you enter the carnival and you'll see a hill on the left. Jump off the hill and you should land on a building.
    4. Destroy the structure on the building and there should be a hole where it was.
    5. Fall into the hole, and shoot the control panel to unlock Warthog.

    Contributed by: DarkVoid000 

  6. Unlock Manslaughter

    Go to the ''Prison Passage'' stage (Stage 5 in Story Mode) Drive down to the lowest level of the stage until you reach a dock area where you can see the hull of the boat. Find a health power-up located on the side of the boat above some crates. Shoot the crates until they explode, and a ramp will be revealed. Go straight up the ramp, and shoot straight ahead at the boat. Eventually a square section of the ship will open to reveal a passage. Drive through the passage and come to a room with a corner enclosed by a sort of fence, with a control panel just outside the ''fence''. Shoot the control panel until it is destroyed, and Manslaughter will be lowered from a platform, and a message that says ''Manslaughter Unlocked'' will flash on screen.

    Contributed by: Jihad 

  7. Unlock Axel

    Go in the Freeway level, try and look for the repair station. In that area, look around and you'll find two cranes. One of the cranes holds a pipe, the other, a cage like item. The cage crane has a yellow cage like box on the left side. Destroy the yellow box to get Axel, Aim for the box on the hill with a fire missle. Move around. If you don't make it in one place, aim for the box in another place on the hill. This is tough, aiming for the box is hard, and with cars pounding you from all sides, it's even tougher. So good luck to you all.

    Contributed by: GauntletNEW 

  8. Unlock Warhawk's Rooftops in vs. mode

    To unlock Warhawk's rooftops in vs. mode simply beat the game with any character on any difficulty once.

    Contributed by: thotd 

  9. Unlock Prison Passage

    Go to the ferris wheel area of the suburbs. Find the gas tank at the entrance to the area. Run into it and keep driving onto the top of the building where you get Warthog. Then jump to the left building, then use your turbo and jump to the right building. Blow up the structure and get the black cube.

    Contributed by: thotd 

  10. Unlock Warhawk's Roof

    On level one of story mode (The Junkyard) destroy the Bob's Big Boy lookin' structure. Doing so is most easily accomplished by getting on the small section of elevated freeway directly adjacent to him. This will leave a small bump on the ground which you use to get on top of the crusher. I recommend using a car with average speed like Junkyard Dog for this since you don't want to overshoot the crusher. As soon as you take off, smash the brake and when you land don't move. The pick-up will be floating right in front of you when the crusher reaches the top (as long as you didn't move). It's a grey sphere with a pink swirling atomic symbol. Drive off when the crusher hits the top and you'll hit it.

    Contributed by: 8aLL9a9 

  11. Unlockable Levels

    Code Effect
    Select your best vehicle and go into Endurance Mode. Select the Snowy Roads level. Proceed to destroy ten vehicles without dying once. Freeway Level
    Select your best vehicle and go into Endurance Mode. Select the Drive-In level. Proceed to destroy ten vehicles without dying once. Mini-Suburbs Level
    Select your best vehicle and go into Endurance Mode. Select the Zorko Bros. Junkyard level. Proceed to destroy fifteen vehicles without dying once. Prison Ship Level
    Find the end of the Snowy Roads level with the long building(by width). Go down the ledge by it and there will be a lower area on the hill. On the lower area there is a rico. Near it there is part of a grey mountain with a black cube on it. Hit the cube. Power Plant
    In Skyscrapers, go to the bottom of the plane ramp and cross the billboard to the other building. Turn left and face the plane with the gap in front of you, aim at the third light from the left and slowly go over the side. You'll die, but you'll unlock it Sewers
    Go to the final level (where you fight Warhawk). Then drive towards the building that the Tanker comes off. You will see a black cube right in the air. Drive and run into it. Skyscrapers
    Go to the building with the elevators in the downtown area. Take elevator to the second floor and go to the back left corner and slowly fall off the corner so you will land on a narrow ledge above the first floor. There is a pickup there. Minion's Stadium
    On the Highway Loop Level, go to the bridge with a gap. Go to the side farthest from the tunnel, turn left and use a gas tank on the closest big ball structure to the bridge. It will roll off and make a hole in the tunnel. Get the black cube in the hole. Elevators Level
    Blow the "Big Boy" object with Fire Missiles. When metal crushing device comes down, turbo and go up. Face the shack and collect the floating object. Warhawk Level
    Cross the bridge. Shoot the middle of the left building then ride up the elevator and cross the bridge. Fall off and find the rotating coffee cup. Stadium Level

    Contributed by: ZoopSoul 

  12. Special Attacks

    Code Effect
    Up, Down, Up Freeze
    Right, Left, Down Mine
    Right, Left, Down (hold down for like 2 seconds) Charged up mine
    Left, Left, Down, Down Be Invisible
    Right, Right, Down, Down Have energy shield
    Left, Right, Down+Button to fire weapon Shoot weapons from back
    RIGHT, LEFT, UP Freeze Attack

    Contributed by: Xsquader 

  13. Codes

    Code Effect
    While playing the game hold all the shoulder buttons and press TRIANGLE, X, SQUARE, O. Exchange Weapons for Health
    Set the control option to ''Classic''. Hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and quickly press Up, X, Left, Circle during game play. God Mode
    During gameplay, hold down all four shoulder buttons, and tap Right, Left, Down, Up. Infinite Health and Turbo
    At anytime during gameplay, hold all of the shoulder buttons and then quickly press UP, X, LEFT, CIRCLE. Infinite Weapons
    Hold L1+R1+L2+R2 and then press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up. Invulnerability
    While playing the game hold R1+R2+L1+L2 and press X X Triangle. Mega Machine Guns
    At anytime during gameplay hold all of the shoulder buttons and quickly press X, X, UP. One Hit Kills
    Mske sure you have Classic controls on. Press Right, and Select, and you'll find more views. New View For Weapons

    Contributed by: QVo 

  14. Fireball and Frezze attack

    During game, with your yellow bar full, hold down L1, L2, R1, R2, and press right, left up. This will shoot a devasting fireball and also a freeze ball.

    Code Effect
    L1, L2, R1, R2, Right, Left, Up. Fireball and freeze attack.

    Contributed by: Ivan The Gamer 

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Twisted Metal: Black Cheats For PS3

  1. Cheat Codes

    Code Effect
    L1+R1+L2+R2 then Up, X, Left, Circle God Mode
    L1+R1+L2+R2 then Up, X, Left, Circle Infinte Weapons
    L1+R1+L2+R2 then X, X, Up 1-Hit Kills
    L1+R1+L2+R2 then Triangle, X, Square, Circle Exchange Weapons for Health
    L1+R1+L2+R2 then X, X, Triangle Mega Machine Guns

    Contributed by: Warhawk