Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. Play As Joshua Mode

    Complete Joseph and Danielles quest on the same game note to unlock this mode. Joshua can have both upgrades of each weapon when he collects one, instead of just one. (When you complete a game, start a new one with the other character, then save the note)

    Contributed by: MI4 REAL 

  2. Passwords

    Enter these at the secret screen for the desired effect.

    Code Effect
    Headless Enemies. Lizard, Elk, Eagle, Owl, Fish, Horse.
    Clean Pause Screen. Rabbit, Owl, Lizard, Elk, Fish, Rabbit.
    Frog, Elk, Horse, Dragonfly, Wolf, Rabbit Warp Level 1
    Bear,Dragonfly,Horse,Bear,Frog,Elk Warp Level 5
    Bear,Horse,Raven,Eagle,Horse,Coyote Warp Level 4
    Owl, Rabbit, Bear, Insect, Frog, Cougar Warp Level 3
    Elk, Elk, Elk, Elk, Elk, Elk View Credits
    Owl, Owl, Horse, Elk, Elk, Elk Warp Level 2
    Salmon, Elk, Bull, Snake, Eagle, Salmon Unlimited Ammo
    Horse, Eagle, Snake, Cougar, Insect, Salmon Skinny Enemys
    Frog, Frog, Salmon, Insect, Wolf, Cougar Short Characters
    Rabbit, Owl, Horse, Bug, Bear, Bear Secret Menus
    Cougar, Horse, Elk, Salmon, Cougar, Hawk Pen and Ink Mode
    Elk, Lizard, Dragonfly, Lizard, Hawk, Owl Invincible/All Keys/Infinite Ammo/All Weapons
    Lizard, Dragonfly, Bull, Bear, Wolf, Eagle All Keys
    Owl, Bear, Owl, Insect, Hawk, Owl All Weapons
    Lizard. Lizard. Dragonfly. Horse. Lizard. Coyote Big Hands and Feet Mode
    Cougar, Wolf, Snake, Rabbit, Lizard, Coyote Big Head Mode
    Snake, Bull, Snake, Frog, Bear, Elk Deathmatch Mannequins
    Dragonfly, Bull, Rabbit, Salmon, Eagle, Raven Gasp Mode
    Lizard. Fish. Insect. Fish. Wolf. Dragonfly Gouraud Mode
    Raven, Salmon, Eagle, Bear, Lizard, Rabbit Invincibility

    Contributed by: AWing Pilot 

  3. Big Cheat

    At the title screen select 'secrets' then select 'enter new secret' then input [Elk] [Lizard] [Dragonfly] [Lizard] [Hawk] [Owl] select 'enter new secret' again and input [Horse] [Bull] [Wolf] [Raven] [Eagle] [Rabbit]

    Contributed by: Hartlocke 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Cheats For Game Boy Color

  1. Cheat Passwords

    Code Effect
    XCDSDFS Level Skip (pause game, use d-pad to select a level)
    ZXLCPMZ Unlimited Ammo
    FJVHDCK Unlimited Lives

    Contributed by: Sir Gareth 

  2. Passwords

    Code Effect
    SDFLMSF Level 02 Easy
    VLXCZVF Level 02 Medium
    CJSDPSF Level 02 Hard
    DVLFDZM Level 03 Easy
    DPSDCVX Level 03 Medium
    CMSDKCD Level 03 Hard
    VFDSGPD Level 04 Easy
    ZMGFSCM Level 04 Medium
    SPFPWLD Level 04 Hard
    CSDJKFD Level 05 Easy
    HWKLFYS Level 05 Medium
    TPDFQGB Level 05 Hard

    Contributed by: DBM11085 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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