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What Gamespot Users have to say about Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

  • User Rating 4

    Turning Bad.

    Rated on March 30, 2008 by -HaloHitman-

    Turning Point is Busted, Broken, and Bad, it has all the worst possible things you could ever think of. The gameplay is okay, the graphics are decent and the sound is actually pretty amazing for the g...

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  • User Rating 8

    In a world with too many WWII shooters this one manages to set itself apart from the crowd...

    Rated on April 01, 2008 by brendan_o

    The Xbox 360 has become the console for hardcore gamers this generation and the genre that seems to have made a home for itself on the 360 is the first person shooter. I myself am a vetran FPS player....

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  • User Rating 1

    Nominee for Worst Game of 2008

    Rated on April 02, 2008 by smellyfeet

    I thought the trailer was pretty cool and the premise - "Nazis rule the world" was quite intriguing. However the actual gameplay leaves a LOT to be desired. Let's see ; The AI is laughable - en...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 7.5

    Has flaws in game play but its interesting.

    Rated on April 03, 2008 by sumitchhibber

    Ok i have given it 7 and i will also tell you what to look in game so that you wont be disappointed when you buy it. what this game has to offer 1. whole new exciting storyline and concept. Germa...

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  • User Rating 3

    More of the same, but worse.

    Rated on April 05, 2008 by wallyllama1

    I am pretty indiscriminate about what I play. Games show up in my mailbox, I play them, usually find something of worth and then send them on their way. It should come as no surprise that a significan...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 6

    A few glitches, some fairly linear levels. Great story, nice scenery, interesting weapons.

    Rated on April 07, 2008 by jtberry

    The storyline for Turningpoint is awesome, the Nazi's have invaded America.The opening level is one of the best I've ever played, just the scenery alone is great. 1950's NYC, burning buildings, fight...

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  • User Rating 3.5

    Bad graphics, buggy gameplay, and moronic AI are just some of the reasons you shouldn't pay for Turning Point.

    Rated on April 08, 2008 by Kain292

    It really is dissapointing when a game like Turning Point, with so much potential to do well with a different story in a familiar period, fails as hard as this game does. First thing you should do ...

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  • User Rating 4

    Short game with a lot of bugs. Expect a lot of patch releases. This game has a great story but should have been longer.

    Rated on April 10, 2008 by WonderBread88

    Gameplay/Interface: 7/10 - Very interesting story, it really keeps you wanting to play unfortunately theres not much to play being its so short. Typical FPS interface. Menu has terrible display optio...

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  • User Rating 7

    Though it definitely has its "broken" aspects, this game is not NEARLY as bad as people make it out to be.

    Rated on September 06, 2009 by drugsrbadmkay16

    Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (Xbox 360) Storyline: The storyline in "Turning Point: Fall of Liberty" is unlike any I have ever encountered in my life. It is an idea of "what if?" based on World ...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.
  • User Rating 6.5

    A few bugs and glitches keep Turning Point from reaching its true potential.

    Rated on September 13, 2009 by xGlenn11x

    Turning Point Fall of Liberty is an alternate history game that depicts WWII in a whole new way. In this story, the Nazis invade North America, and attempt to take over the United States. Luckily, a s...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.