Super Cool New Skate System, But my God it's difficult to master

I have been playing this game for around a week and it's a fun and new way to skate on a console. When i first started playing i was hooked and loved the way you skate around the city with great freedom. It isn't until you start tring to complete the mission when you start to come into difficulty. To pull off the same trick exactly is very hard and alot of mastering the new analog system is in need. Saying this though you actually feel as if you are properly skating rather than button ashing. I hate to say it but EA have pulled off a cool new game. This is not to say i am a fan of EA which i'm not but as with Tiger Woods this is something new. Give it a while and this franchise will could possibly over take THPS but will need alot of tweaking. All in all its got to be worth a try just for the innovative control system. After that you can make your own mind up.