I prefer the movie over the game...

User Rating: 6.5 | TRON: Evolution X360
This film has a unique style and decent visuals.. The problem is is that the cutscenes look like an original xbox game and the voicework is cheesy. The combat in the single player is repetitive, but the platforming is ok. The multiplayer is pretty fun.. especially the bike races.. overall the multiplayer is better than the single player and this game is worth a rental. The movie "Tron Legacy" is way more fun to watch.. just like this game.. cool to look at but not that fun to play... if you are a fan then maybe this game is worth a buy because people play the multiplayer, but for everyone else a solid rental will please some people.. ,. ,., , ,, ., .,. , .,. ,. ,. ., ., ,. ,. ., ., ., ,.,. ., ., ., ,. ., ., ., ., ., ,erfeifjewfj ejif sfjiesf sejfse jfijsef jjfs jfj sfj es jfesj fjes fjj esjsj s fsjefse fj sefsfoisfjsf sf ijsjfis ifsjfjsf ijrojijigtjvbv vd vdfjiov dfvdfjv dfvi jdfvjd fijvdfj vdj jrjrijdv rdvrd oiv jdjv rdjv v d v