Actually, really good game!

User Rating: 8.5 | TRON: Evolution X360
I never thought this game would be that good because usually games straight from movies are really boring, but this is one of those rare games where it isn't that case. The multiplayer is kind of complicated at first because it is hard to steer when you first play on multiplayer, but after you just have to get the tactics down, and you can be really good at this game! It can be confusing at first when you play the story mode, but go through the first level, and you'll know how to play instantly! The game seemed like it would be a repetitive game, but it actually isn't. I would recommend getting the guide so you know where and how to get all the secrets, files, and the abraxas. It is hard to find them if you don't have a guide to show you, but other than that, it is a surprisingly good game!