Triviador CHEATS

#1 Posted by JeromeMBa (0 posts) - features: Triviador Answers Hack (Use the hack tool, to answer ALL of the trivia correctly. Read FAQ on how to use it properly.) Saif Almarifa Hack (Fully compatible with other game languages such as Saif Almarifa. Read FAQ on the tool for more details.) Unlimited Bonus Adventure Hack Unlimited Gold Hack Unlock Boosters Hack (You can use the tool to unlock all boosters or specific boosters even while your level is low.)
#2 Posted by KurtFelton (-1 posts) -
I have the working cheat tool for this. Might as well share this to you guys, coz honestly I spent tons of wasted hours searching, and finally found the working cheat / hack tool. Download the full file with instructions here: Basically it contains the tool, with step by step instructions. Enjoy!