Instantly one of the most beautiful and entertaining games you will ever play.

User Rating: 8.5 | Trine PC
Disclaimer: I bought this game on sale for $19.99, but I've been reading that it's going for $29.99 retail. I would recommend trying to get this game for cheaper than thirty dollars, because it is so short.

The moment I began the first level of Trine, it reminded me of a side-scrolling platformer version of Fable 1, which is quite possibly my all-time favorite game. The drifting fantasy music, the cartoonish voice-acting, the soft-spoken narrator, and last but certainly not least, the unbelievable setting are all unforgettably stunning.

Trine is fairly simple. It involves hack and slash-fighting with a bit of left-brained calculations. the most rewarding parts of this game are figuring out the gavity-based physics puzzles, and brachiating around on a grappeling hook like a chimpanzee. The tenacious enemies are not very clever, although they will climb up, under or over pretty much anything to get to you.

I highly recommend Trine to anyone with a few bucks to spare and a good computer; in order to display the true brilliance of the world. Glowing mushrooms, shimmering forests, glittering stars and aztec-style ancient ruins all exist here as hallmarks of a truly remarkable fantasy land. I only wish my character had a little camera.