One word: logistics nightmare

User Rating: 7 | Trine PC
I bought this game because I've always had an interest in coop games with friends. After inviting 2 friends over to play, we set off to the fantasy world of Trine, only to find we couldn't finish the game and after a few hours we had set it down, never to be played again.

The game, at its core, is fun, but once the multiplayer aspect is thrown in, everything goes to s*#! so to speak. With each player controlling one character, and most puzzles requiring many of the same tactics to pass, either the game either becomes repetitively boring, or incredibly hard, taking multiple tries and retries and sometimes being impossible short of player's keyboard (okay, maybe it was just because our warrior kept falling off every platform).

The game's single player aspect might be fun enough to play on your laptop when you're bored, though.