This is one of the best games there is from a brand new game developer, you've got to play this with friends around! = P

User Rating: 10 | Trine PS3
This is one of the best games I've played and especially the demo, download the free demo of the PlayStation Store, and you'll be playing it about 13 times without getting tired, it's also co-op and I played it with my friends for AGES!
The demo is that AMAZING!
The plot is awesome but the game play is just pure addiction, once you play it, you won't get enough of it, plus if you love trophies, this game is an easy platinum for my taste = P
If I'd to give this game a rating, it'd be 8/10, as it is amazing in EVERY way, but on your first go it may get a little frustrating trying to learn the controls, although they are INCREDIBLY simple, they explain in a professional manner so you'll think that you already worked out the controls yourself when the game actually helped you!
it's enjoyable and GREAT for youngsters and teens but it's no reason for you adults not to play it!
Download the game now! If not the game, try the demo IMMEDIATELY!!!!