Beautifully crafted platform game, with lots of hidden treasures.

User Rating: 9 | Trine PS3
Because of its high price (US$20), it took me a while to get it. There was something about this game that made me read the preview in the PSN Store over and over again.

At all times during the game you will have three different characters to play, each one with distinct abilities. A mage that can create structures to help you reach some areas, a thief (or ranger) that has a bow and can swing on certain kinds of ceilings and a warrior that is good for kicking skeleton ass. The levels are so nicely designed that you will need, in all of them, to combine the abilities one each character to fully complete them. I say fully because the levels have lots of hidden treasures and some of them are very hard to find, so you'll probably have to play one level or another twice to get the treasures.

The graphics of the game are wonderful as well. The levels are filled with little details that might go unnoticed if you don't pay attention, but everything in its 3D environment looks great.

For all you trophies addicts like me. Trine is filled with silver trophies, a few bronze and gold trophies as well, it even has a platinum trophy (which is difficult for a downloadable game to have). Some of them can be a little bit hard to get, but not impossible. You just have to keep your eyes open for hidden places that, like I said before, the game is filled with. The game is not long, and if you have enough time you can get all of them in an afternoon.

I just wished there were more levels to play.