Return of 2D/3D Adventure?

User Rating: 8 | Trine PC
Definitely worth playing and in the end it leaves me thinking of the endless possibilities. OLD games could be revised in this new state of the art trend. 2D platform meets 3D quality with challenging physical puzzles which never leaves you bored as you keep fighting hordes of undead and some mini bosses.
Action packed with a solid ending level this game has no re-playablility.Toghether with the pricing it seems this game should rather expand instead of collapsing at these regular expectations.

Graphics: 10
Level Design: 10
Length: 6
Sound: 9
Price: 4


The best platform game ever designed so far!!

In the hopes game designers wake up to re-live the old days and start thinking about making solid titles again. Imagine Super Metroid (Super Nintendo) fully redesigned, capable of receiving web updates and new levels and corresponding with Windows Live Download material?....Seems a new world with endless possibilities is abouth the be re-opened. Great job!! :D