I'd like to say something with more traces of IQ in it, but all that comes to mind is ... fluffy :)

User Rating: 10 | Trine PC
The child in me really needed this game, it's a break from ... everything and after a few hours of playing you can't believe that you still can't let it go and do something more serious :)

Maybe it's the graphics ?! ... Definitely good ... great actually for a game it's size, or any game for that matter !

Whether it's the "fluffy" graphics that drew me to tit or the fact that games as fun as this haven't been around since the old classic, "The Lost Vikings", I don't know ... and I don't care ... neither should you for that matter, just play ! I's the most FUN I had with a game, be it a child's game, in years !

You have your thief/archer, your lady's man / wizard and your brute soldier / swordsman+shield ... what more do you need ?! Every level is a packed with all sorts of traps and obstacles and of course skeletons and whatnot that summed up equal quite a few hours of fun !