A hidden Gem

User Rating: 8 | Trine PC
There seems to be growing demand for indie games lately and why shouldn't there be they are a nice break from the collection of full on titles available. Trine is an excellent addition to the growing list with its surprisingly complex game play and depth. The game consists of approximately 15 levels in which you assume control of essentially 3 characters in one, a thief, warrior and mage, although I found myself favouring the thief based on her ability to grapple which is stupidly fun. The games challenge comes from its physics based puzzles that have an organic feel which I found many games recent to be missing. There are a large number of ways to get around these problems using a number of the characters abilities depending on your style of play but there is no clear right way. This feels like it gives the player more freedom in how to approach the puzzles. Overall I found the game satisfying enough however the ending is a little weak but am not going to hold that against it. Essentially to sum this game up in 3 words quick, basic, fun. This is a more traditional game all about the game play and not that flashy graphics, which by the way are still perfectly adequate. It's worth a look.