Great fantasy adventure of sword, magic and skeletors with outstanding climate and epic music.

User Rating: 8.5 | Trine PS3
I think all of us were dreaming about taking part in a fantasy adventure where we would have to save innocent people and fight against evil in a beautiful and fairytale world. Trine is a game of such world.

The whole story is being read by the narrator and the main characters are beautiful and mysterious thief woman, strong knight and skilled wizard. Each hero has his unique abilities and weapons. For example Thief woman has bow, she can also use a grappling hook to reach higher surface. Moreover, she is the most agile one. The knight with his shining armour has sword and shield. His main attribute is strengh. The last but not least is wizard. He has this ability of carring objects and it's called telekinesis. The wizard is also able to create some new objects like small bridges and boxes. Although he can't fight, the wizard is very helpful. What is more, the characters gain experience so we will be able to upgrade our abilities. We can switch between them any time we want. In co-op mode, other people can play with us.
Our heros have to find three artefacts which are called Trine. These artefacts have superb power. Of course the adventure won't be easy because we will have to fight through dangerous skeletors and other monsters to reach the goal. The levels in the game are beautiful and they have fantastic climate like the whole title. Through those levels we will find many useful items and new weapons for our heros, for example bow with fire arrows for the thief and a heavy hammer for the knight. Levels like mysterious forests, huge castle that has many traps and dungeons filled with water. Trine has many platforming elements so we will jump and climb a lot. Fighting with skeletors and other monsters is also a very important aspect of this title.
The whole game is of course a 3D, but we move only in 2D (one line). I think the developers made a very good decision in this case. Trine is really a unique and original title because of this.

The graphics stands in a very high level. The textures, characters, well the whole environment looks great. The levels are beautifully designed and we can say that Trine is a true fantasy game.

The music is just awesome. The soundtracks are so atmospheric and fit games like Trine perfectly. All the sounds in this title are fantastic.

Overall, Trine is a great fantasy adventure with good heros, very climatic and beautiful levels, interesting story and of course really atmospheric music. Is it worth to download this game to your PS3? Oh yeah, it is.