Tribes: Vengeance Cheats For PC

  1. Console commands

    Right-click on the shortcut for Tribes: Vengeance and in the target field add a space and -console after the executable. While in play, press the TAB key and the console will appear on the bottom of the screen. Enter in a command to get the desired effect

    Code Effect
    god GOD Mode
    allammo 999 ammo and grenades
    stat FPS Shows FPS
    stat all Shows all stats
    stat net Shows network stats
    stat none Remove stats
    FOV ## Field of view by number
    fly Fly Mode (Warning: Stays after reload of save game)
    ghost No Clipping Mode (Warning: Stays after reload of save game)
    changesize # \"Changes\" your size (Pretty worthless but amusing when used with \'lockcamera\')
    lockcamera Unlocks/Locks Camera (your character will walk around but you will still fire from your camera position)
    killpawns Kills everything except you (Can cause story problems)
    walk Toggles Fly Mode off
    setname [Desired Name] Replace [Desired Name] with your name. This will change the name of your multiplayer profile to the given name. This is NOT permanent.
    [\c] or [\C] Any text following this code will change color. Only good for your name. Will work with above command. Exampe: Apocalypse [\C]TH6.
    shot Take a screenshot
    adminlogin [name] [password] logs in as admin
    adminlogout logs out as admin
    allweapons Gives all weapons, though you can only carry 3 weapons simultaneously.
    superman Turns on GOD mode and Ghost(ie no clipping).
    clark Turns off God Mod and no Clipping Mode.
    fastweapons changes it so you can fire any weapon 15 times per second.

    Contributed by: broadbander 

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