One of the best online games of its day, probably one of the most awesome games of all time aswell..

User Rating: 10 | Tribes 2 PC
Tribes 2 was probably the best online game of its day by far, obviously this review is comming many years after its release probably like 7-8 infact. Lots of new, maybe even better games may have come out since that top it, like BF2 or Halo 3 or whatever but its still worth a play just because of the sheer awesomeness.

And aulthough small there are still a few active servers.

Game looks nasty by todays standards and is way outdated but I juse loved the game so much I felt like I had to make a review, even if no one is likely to read it.
It was the first major game of its kind and I feel like all open combat based games draw inspiration from it.
Not to mention the ability the community had to mod the game in all manner of ways and the easy to use ingame map editor, mods like Construction just completely changed the dynamic of the game too.