Trenches Cheats For iPhone/iPod

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    Beat the Campaign on Easy Ally Sloper's Calvary
    Beat the Campaign on Medium Shell-Shock
    Beat the Campaign on Hard Black Hand Gang
    Achieve a Field Promotion on any unit Bombardier
    Win a battle taking less than half losses you inflict Landslide
    Eliminate 10 troops in one Artillery strike Silent Percy
    Eliminate 1000 enemy troops Military Cross
    Use every unit in one battle All for One
    Take over 60 minutes to complete a battle Time Waster
    Win a Campaign without losing a battle Tea with the Maharaja
    Win a Skirmish in less than 3 minutes Time for Tea
    Eliminate 2500 enemy troops Distinguished Cross
    Direct hit with the Artillery Gibs Galore
    Eliminate 10000 enemy troops Victoria Cross
    All Field Commanders active at one time All the King's Men
    Win a battle using only Riflemen Over the Top!
    Win three battles in a row in Skirmish mode Unbreakable
    Eliminate 100 enemies with Sniper fire Hun-ter
    Inflict 500 enemy looses in one battle Bloody Sunday
    Eliminate 500 enemies with Machine Gun fire Rattlesnake
    Last more than 5 minutes in Zombie Horde Zombie Whisperer
    Engage in your first multiplayer battle Two's Company
    Win your first versus battle A Right Legend
    Win your first cooperative battle I'm With You
    Land a direct hit with a Grenade Shrapnel
    Improve a trencht to bunker level Pillbox
    Amass more than 100 points on Pygmy Horde Pygmy Power
    Finish all three difiiculties of Cooperative Battle with a GameCenter friend Tour of Duty
    Finish all three difficulties of Cooperative King of the Trench with a GameCenter friend Trench Foot

    Contributed by: psxsquall