Kind Of Boring... And Glitchy

User Rating: 6.5 | TransWorld Surf PS2
This game is about.... Surfing. Ya well its kinda repetitive like you can guess. you spawn catch a wave then ride it till the end and then grab another wave. On each wave though you could do a few tricks like ride the top of the wave and do tricks off the top. Go in the barrel and stuff like that. It was pretty cool and each boarder had there own stats and personalized boards. The graphics were good in the game but i found myself most attracked to multiplayer. If you got a friend the best part about this game is shark attack. One person is a shark other person has to stay away. Glitchy the game is also. Lots of places you can enter where your not supposed to be. Example you can enter the land if u jump on it. Whats in there what other than sharks. The game likes to foccuss on how you get brutaly murdered in by sharks when you leave anywhere but the wave area. Becuase surfing has always been this erm dangerous? Difficulty was alright pretty easy not that hard of a game.