Oblivion is a very good game if you like RPG's. The game is amazing and will suck you in!

Oblivion is a huge area and very fun! The story is great and you can even take a break from it and do side quests or explore dungeons and level up you skills. You can level in Oblivion, I think the system of leveling is pretty good. The only flaw is that you have to increase a number of skill to level instead of killing enemies, but if you like that then that's great. Oblivion has a lot of places to go and things to do, you can do anything, and I mean ANYTHING. Own a house, rob a house, don't do the story line and just become a mass murderer being chased by guards, or be a hero and do good quests and join guilds. The guilds are very good, but I think they need a bit more, maybe add a Archery Guild or Axe Guild, or even Horse Racing Guild. The AI is great and outstanding, you'll feel like the people are real. A great game but their are some minor problems. Oblivion sort of feels too... robotic. You can attack and block with a sword and thats about it. The spells are VERY plain and everyone uses of the two only animations. A simple throw of you're hand to cast a destructive spell, and raising your hand to enchant you're body. The need cooler looking and better spells too. The fighting is good for swords, but spells and archery is horrible. When being a archer, you have to shoot about 100 arrows at someone (even if it's all headshots). When you shoot an arrow enemies don't usually stagger so you have to keep running back. When being a wizard it's the same story, 100 spells, don't stagger, lot of running, too plain. Despite that, Oblivion's graphics and gameplay are still amazing which makes this a GREAT buy.