Short but moderately entertaining Transformers game that's more geared towards kids.

User Rating: 5.5 | Transformers Prime: The Game WIIU
Wow, finishing this game sure din't take long, what? Was it 2, maybe 2.5 or even 3 hours or something? I didn't clock it, but this game is incredibly short and even easier. I died twice, once in the Soundwave fight and he can teleport all over the place and has a really vicious attack that can be a little difficult to avoid, the second time, I didn't really lose all my health, but a timer ran out which resulted in the mission failed screen. But I'm jumping all over the place, I tend to do so, but let's go back, this is a Transformers game based on the hub CG animated series, I only watched a few episodes, pretty good, but it didn't grab me the same way the CN series Transformers Animated did. Regardless, this is a game geared towards kids, it's simple and easy to play, also, I must say, it can be surpsisingly fun, after a pretty standard, not exciting Optimus Prime level, the Arcee level begins, and it is kind of cool in parts, the fight with Blackarachnia, and the subsequent driving section where you steer with the gamepad is one of the best parts, works well enough, but then the road is pretty wide, the next level begins with a completely not-fun driving section as Bulkhead, maneuvering tight corridors, avoiding pitfalls, this part sucks, and none of the subsequent driving parts are anywhere near as good as the first one, unfortunately. The game is a standard, run around and beat up enemies, the Vehicons, but you will face some well known Decepticons as well. The bosses vary in quality, some are more annoying to fight than others, the Blackarachnia fights and the final boss are cool enough. The music can be quite awesome at times, if a little overblown, the voice actors from the show are here, like Frank Welker, Peter Cullen, Kevin Michael Richardson and of course Jeffrey Combs, as usual being my favorite. Game looks okay, some of the cutscenes are nice. Look, I know the game isn't really for me, yet, I managed to somehow have some fun with it, I guess the brief length isn't such a bad thing after all, but keep that in mind, if you really want to check it out, wait until you can get it fairly cheap or rent it or something. I'll tell you one thing, I'll take this, Transformers Prime over any of the garbage live action Transformers movies anyday of the week.