A nice sequel very story driven but could use more options in how you go about playing the game.

User Rating: 8 | Transformers: Fall of Cybertron X360
The game is very fun in some areas and totally boring and frustrating in others.

I dont like how they made the game so linear but with it being story driven, I can understand it, but I cant say this game will last long in the eyes of others. You no longer get to choose who you play as, but at least they designed the areas with lots of detail to at least distract from that fact.

It's a shame with all it's shiny stuff you cant destroy any of it except to a point. I really dont understand why it could not use more destruction with all the explosions you dont really make a dent even on tiny walls in most cases.

Honestly cant say much for mp not interested in it just the sp, I play halo for mp so cant give too much of a review on this point but seems like they made transforming kinda pointless in it.

It's a solid sp experience but really could have used more ideas from other games needs destructive enviroments, more weapons choices, should not hold your hand the way it does, I playing on normal and I still die a ton because of the limitation of the area you are in, not enough room really, so it's easy for them to show shiny graphics which still could use more work in my opinion, if you are gonna be stuck in tiny spaces at least make them look less cartoony, I hate that you have like some kind of glow around your character at times it seems.

Overall a fun game but I dont expect this to be played a lot when I finish it completely. If you are expecting a transformers game that utilizes the latest stuff in gaming you will be disappointed, for a game to be set in the future and have all this flash, it lacks depth and choices.