Transformers: FoC boosting lobby for xbox 360

#1 Posted by Beckman89 (6 posts) -
Im currently looking for people to create a boosting lobby for FoC. My gamertag is Beckman89 just send me a message and let me know if you would like to join. :)
#2 Posted by masterds64 (3651 posts) - weak, please be doing it for achievements and not to go around showing that you got prime without actually working for it!
#3 Posted by Smokescreem (16 posts) -
What is a boosting lobby?
#5 Posted by robosizzle702 (1 posts) -
. Boosting is frowned upon in the multiplayer communtiy and it also is against some games ToS. which means you could get banned, which why i am bewildered that youprovided your gamertag. i dont care what you do, but ill tell you like i tell my underage soliders who drink - go ahead and drink, but if you get caught get ready to pay the price.