Talk about a football game... This game should be in your library.

Alright, I'm just going to talk about this game as much as I can but in a simple way, since I've been playing this game for like a year now.

** The Graphics - You probably won't see a better looking football game out there unless it's FIFA 12.

** The Presentation - Right from the start you get a glimpse of Kaká in really awesome detailed graphics with the crowd screaming the classic "Olé, olé olé olé"... way to hype the "press Start button" ;).

The Menus are smooth and very good looking, plus they're simple. The Big Screen on the top right corner shows your statics in the game and sometimes an Ad from EA Sports.

The classic sliding menu in the bottom of the screen feels great, I mean, it tells you when a friends becomes offline, what song's currently playing, what were the results of the previous and most recent matches in Europe. It's great that I don't need to go through some Menu Options to check that out, it comes in handy.

The team selection menu is pretty basic and classic. You start by choosing the Country (flags shows up), then the League (league flag shows up), then the team (team logo shows up) and all in very good fashion.

** The Gameplay - Ok, this can go a bit too long.. I'll break it down here.

-x- Physics: Great physics, but sometimes the ball can go out flying like a bullet ( luckily it's funny... but not when you lose posession, oh well.. ).

-x- AI: Here is where the problem lies... When you're playing, the movement is fluid, but it feels VERY limited if you compare to what the AI can do and what you can do. For example...

The AI can always find a way to tackle from behind, and that doesn't apply to us players; the AI can always find a way to interrupt a shot no matter how, and that doesn't apply to us players.

The AI can make your counter-attack useless even if you've got Messi all alone and Pepe tracking him down... Guess what? The PC manages to find a way to make Pepe (CB from Real) run faster than Messi and try and interrupt the counter-attack, and the AI is successful. I've tried doing the same thing... failed miserably.
And somehow the AI shoots perfectly (sure it misses), but most of the time it's a scare, if not a goal that in the game seems simple but in real life wouldn't happen (say, Essien shooting from 35 yards is a perfect angled right upper corner goal... That doesn't exist).

Oh yes, not to mention the AI makes every player do the "spin move" like Zidane every game, no exception. And, honestly.. Only 1 in 30 players would even attempt that move in real life... That 1 player being Zidane, now he's retired, it's even more rare to see it.

Warning!: 90% of the AI issues I've mentioned will only happen if you play Professional - World Class - Legendary difficulties.

** Game Modes - Ok, so Ultimate Team is back, but with it comes a new problem (ah yes, it had to...) whenever you start your Ultimate Team, when you come back from playing it into the Main Menu and go play a quick match, you'll find that most of the players have their names scr*w*d, also their positions and their rating, (Most of the time they're gonna turn into a 50-60 GK with no name). And you'll have to download the latest update all over again, and the process repeates itself.. So it's pretty much: "You play Ultimate Team and f*ck up your roster and prove to have unlimited patience, or you don't at all!"... That seriously blows.

Career Mode is... uhm, good, for the first 3 seasons... Then it gets repetitive with nothing new to do but to buy players... And win it all again and again.

Hey, you can choose to start as a player and grow old into a legend and eventually into a coach/manager.. If you got the balls to do that, I respect you.
You can also choose to start as a new team Manager or as both Player and Manager, but then again... You're gonna want to start a new Career Mode, like, every three seasons.

TIP: Check Free Agency often and the Listed players, you can buy them for no cost but the pay check (F.A case) or buy listed players very cheap.

Warning!: Players who are worth 20$ Mil + probably won't sell, if you're wanting to sell one of those, actually.

You also have got Virtual Pro (to play Online with a team and create an Online League, etc..) which is... you create a player of your own, then you go RPG-ish by levelling him up in certain eras, unlocking new shoes, haircuts, etc. (I'm not one who spent much time with that, honestly).

** Extras/Multiplayer - Multiplayer is always full of people to play with, and the variety of modes keeps it fresh. (Even now that FIFA 12's out, there's still about 30k + people playing Online).

The Replay Theatre is great, but with limited slots, so be sure to only save the best of the best of your goals.

The music player features a good mix of different Pop artists and some Indie musicians too, but if that's not your text, don't worry, you can upload your own songs into the game and have loads of fun! (All you have to do is create a playlist in your main PS3 Music page named "Fifa" - so you know which playlist to choose - add the songs you want, go into the FIFA 11 menus look for the music options and add your playslist to the game).

The Roster and Player Ratings are customisable, so if you found something that you think is out of place, you can fix it yourself.

All in All, the game is addicting, it has great gameplay, rewards you for playing Tactically Defensively or whatever your tactic is (holding down the X [A] button doesn't count!).

Highly recommened.