I would pay over 40 bucks to play a game this good, but amazingly TM: Nations is FREE. This game offers alot of fun!!!

User Rating: 9.2 | TrackMania Nations: Electronic Sports World Cup PC
Pros: Costs $0.00, impressive graphics, powerful track editor and on-line capabilities, addictive arcade style fun!

Cons: Only one tile set to play on, too much in game advertisements, a tricky race track can become very frustrating.

Review: If you have played the other TrackMania games or even just the demos for them, you will know what this game is all about. Insane speeds and tracks to drive on beyond your imagination, loops, jumps, flips, twisty corners and more.
The biggest strength of this game is the track editor is both beginner friendly and broad and powerful so experts can make amazing courses. It takes very little time to turn an idea in your head into a track that you can play on line with and get feedback about from other gamers.
A unique touch of this game is the international competition aspect, you'll race against people from all over the world and it will show their flag by their winning time and play their national anthem when they win, so you form a camaraderie with people from your country so while, say I only got third, im still glad an American won.
The graphics are very nice and on my GeForce 6800 it runs smoothly with 4x AA 16x AF and 1280x960 on the nicest settings. The shadows under the cars, the glare of the sun, the reflections of things flying past your car and sunlight gleaming off of the road surface make the whole experience feel very nice.
This game is great most people would PAY to play it, but the fact that its free for everyone makes it superb! There is hardly any sign besides frequent environment decorations featuring Nadeo's, ESWC's, or NVIDIA's logos, that it is a free game. It feels very polished and high quality, so do yourself a favor and download this game, since it's FREE!!