A lot of fun, live rankings broken down to state, country and world after every race keeps it fun

User Rating: 9 | TrackMania 2 Canyon PC
A very fun game. The drifting is very easy. I like it better with a controller, the only problem is my controller is old and beat up so the turning sometimes glitches, but if you have a well working controller, the game works beautifully with it. So many different tracks and servers to choose from at any time of the day, makes it easy to play whenever you can. I used to play TMNF and haven't played that in a year or so, so when I bought this I thought there would be a learning curve. But I was able to pick up right from where I left off, which I am thankful for. The ranking system in this game is great, updating after every race. It makes it fun to see where you stack up against people in your state, country and the world!
If you had any doubts about spend $25 on this game, doubt no more.
The game was worth every penny.