Some Tech about Save and Reset Ur initial summon card

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Hello all its me Ario, I did make the same post in the FAQ board and just found the forum link here.

Its great to see u guys start investigating

I did search on CN website, knowing this game is original from Android platform, and pretty new to Iphone. The CN forum was just launched with less than 500 ppl active as well. But I did see people have done fast reset and which initial card are good

1. Max summon possible is rarity 6 cards confirmed

2, U dont need re-install game to reset

3. There is no way or tricky to reset game fast

4. Instructions:

First of all before u start game, choose start game directly and dont tire your account to FB or Twitter

1. Download iTools, good for both jailbreak / unjb version

2. Find TOS in application and open the folder

3. Go to /Libary/Preferences/com.madhead.tos.en.plist

4. This file is ur saved file, after ur're done first summon, exit game, connect ur device to pc and save out this file on your pc.

5. Rename the file like:Devil_Fox.plist by summon card name (easy to remember)

6. Delete the file from ur device, so ur record has been cleaned up.

7. Start game again and u should be able to re-start ur adventure without re-install game

8. If u didnt get any better card than ur saved file card on PC, u can replace com.madhead.tos.zh.plist and start with previous summon card(dont forget to rename the saved file)

9. com.madhead.tos.cb.plist can be exchanged between players and should be one-time usage, sort of that. So if u are looking for 200% dark leader while i am looking for a healer, we could make an saved file exchange. It is required that players from both side. After exchanging files, delete the original one from both side, and bind new account to ur FB or twitter to avoid any unexpected issue

10. U can save out the file any time and start a new account. U can simply pull back the saved file and cover the exisiting one to load your previous account

If u ever get a good card first summon, pull out this file and save it. U could pull it back

Hope this bit info help u guys have a great start, and for sure I need u guys later.

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Sorry but this is for iphone? and would I need to jailbreak my phone?
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You don't need to jailbreak. Just need a program call "itool".

But if you jailbreak you can reset via your phone :P (easier but not necessary

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Hi, i got a question.. does this process work the same for Android as well?? thanks!
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Android > Go setting>Manage App > Find TOS > Click "Clear Data" button
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Android > Go setting>Manage App > Find TOS > Click "Clear Data" buttonkwkk
Thanks! can android user also save the data to PC?or can only delete and only play as one account? how about account that already bind?can i play a new account as long as i clear it and dont sign in to facebook when playing TOS ?
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thanks for reply, but how do I save the com.madhead.plist into the system?
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Just pull the saved file to your local computer and rename the file so u know which account it is

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sorry to trouble you.. what i meant is how do i save the plist file into the android? I cant find the folder, could only find the apk file and when I tried to decompress it, I cant find the lib -> preferences.. thanks.. for your help..!
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This is for IOS only, i dont know how it works on android.


Another way u can do this is resigter many twitter account or facebook,


bind your account to twitter/fb


and delete game, reset

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ANDROID ONLY! Ok, so there is a way to save multiple files for Android, but the phone/tablet MUST be rooted. Otherwise the folders you need are hidden, even when connected to your pc. I have tried this both on a rooted and non-rooted phones and confirmed it only works with rooted. Now that we have gotten the logistics out of the way, time for instructions: Do not attach your account to Facebook or Twitter. First, you need to download a file manager that supports rooted files and can access superuser permissions. (If you have to ask about what superuser permissions is, then most likely you are not familiar with your rooted phone enough to do this.) I use Root Explorer. Once you are in your file manager, follow this path... : data/data/com.madhead.tos.en I suggest when you get to this location, add a new folder titled Extra Accounts or something like that. (You will use this later.) Select: shared_prefs Your account is connected to the file: com.madhead.tos.en.xml (You can select this file and move it to that other folder we created earlier named Extra Accounts.) Once the file is in your new folder, rename it. I DO NOT RECOMMEND CHANGING THE WHOLE NAME, because when you are swapping saved files and playing different accounts, they will need to have their original file name or IT WILL NOT WORK. Example of saved games: com.madhead.tos.en.xml.dragon (the . XXXXX after xml will need to be removed when you are playing that saved file) com.madhead.tos.en.xml.gods Essentially, thats about it! Always take the current active game and move it to your Extra Accounts folder and rename it BEFORE moving your saved game to active.... IF YOU DO NOT REMEMBER THIS STEP, THE CURRENT ACCOUNT WILL BE DELETED!!!!! On a side note, if you have all your saved games in the Extra Account folder and nothing in the shared_prefs folder, when you start the game, it will automatically create a new account and start from the beginning. This is how you will create new accounts. Hope this helps for all you Android users out there!
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MANY thanks!! been searching everywhere on how to do this..! unfortunately i havent root my phone, will  try soon!

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Hey.. I managed to find the shared_pref folder and the file to change, after doing the steps you mentioned, it just go into the normal login page with the 3 options "start new account" facebook login, twitter login, even after I have changed the files, could the system have changed after the update..?


P.S. I am using a plist file which I got from a friend, all I did was to change the plist to xml, does that work?

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To be honest, Im not sure if that would work or not. I have not tried importing in a file from an iphone to android. I have confirmed that it does still work seeing as i have been doing it all night tonight post patch. I would assume that the informaion contained within the plist file is different than the xml file used.  If you have previously created an account and placed it in the saved folder that you created for storing saved games, make a new account and try the steps listed to swap back and forth between the two xml files.  I can guarantee it will work, but I think your problem is going from .plist to .xml.  Sorry my friend...i guess accounts are only tradable with like for like devices aka android to android, iphone to iphone. :cry:

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The downside i guess is that everyone is trading in the .plist format since up until i figured it out, no one knew how to do it on android.  It will probably take a while for my post to viewed by the eyes of the masses.  On the plus side,....I have 3 accounts and would be happy to trade with you if you have something youd be willing to trade! :D

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sounds cool! at the moment I have a freyja account and a wukong account hehe.

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Hi, I can't find the app iTools on the app store, where can I download and install this on my iphone5? Thank you. Ernest
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Hey Ario, would you know how to remove the account binding? Thanks..
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No u cant remove bind.

I did ask this question to the developper and they said NO

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No u cant remove bind.

I did ask this question to the developper and they said NO

One question about trade account B4 trade : people 1 have save 1 , people have save 2 After trade : people 1 have save 2 and binding to his email People 2 have save 1 and binding to his email Question here : People 1 still have save 1 in his pc and he can log in account 1 when he wanna do it. ( same as people 2) How people 2 ( or 1 )can preven this situation ?
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hi guys i have some stuff to ask because i intend to reset my game: 1) i already bind my acct already, so when i reset my acct, will it still be binded and will it affect my ability to get a near-perfect start. I don't intend to trade /swap accounts, just intend to keep trying resetting until i get the cards i want. 2) sorry if i sound noob, but, for example, when i start playing, i start with one of those initial cards, (e.g. Molly or Duncan), how do you guys get those sun wukong, or the whole fate sisters series by resetting? i mean all you get is 5 diamonds right?
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i mean you only start off with 5 diamonds so the most you can get is ONE of those rare cards right? how you do get 4 fate sisters?
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are not work after play for more? i tried for this technique after play for one day.