Greatest racing-simulator what ever exist!

User Rating: 9.2 | Tourist Trophy PS2
Tourist Trophy is greatest superbike racing game ever made. There isn't any bad words to this game.

Graphics - is just great, all details are real. Bikes are like in real-life and taking curves is also like real life. If you got other rider on your back, then taking curve is much more difficult, then if you are your own.

Sound - is about 90% the same then is real. When i compare my own Aprilia RSV1000R Factory '05 and this game Aprilia RSV1000R Factory '05 then it was only 97% same (mayby because my TV is not so good, or is better).

Value - of this game is fine. It is good to pay such a pretty penny for this game.

Gameplay - is just a little hard, to complete a race i hava max try 5 times to win.

I play about 5 or 6 hours in day, but not everyday.