Toukiden: The Age of Demons Cheats For PlayStation Vita

  1. Trophies

    There are 36 Bronze Trophies, 11 Silver Trophies, 2 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    Code Effect
    Obtain all trophies. Slayer of Legend
    Clear all missions. Defender of the Eye of Truth
    Complete all training sessions. Do As I Slay
    Complete 30 quests. #justslayin'
    Complete all quests. Hero of the People
    Fortify a weapon to its maximum level. Perfectionist
    Acquire 50 weapons. Weapon Collector
    Acquire all weapons of any weapon category. Weapon Specialist
    Fortify a piece of armor to its maximum level. Rock Hard
    Acquire 50 different types of armor. Armor Collector
    Acquire 100 different types of armor. Armor Obsessive
    Develop a Mitama to Level 10. Hero's Guide
    Acquire all Mitama. Liberator of Souls
    Activate 50 Boosts. Booster
    Activate 300 Boosts. Boost Master
    Activate 30 Combination Boosts. Slay Your Cards Right
    Activate 100 Combination Boosts. Slaying the Field
    Clear 10 missions with each weapon type. Jack of All Trades
    Clear 10 missions with each battle style. Master of War
    Purify 10 materials. Cleanser
    Fill in all entries in the Slayer Record. Know Your Enemy
    Fill in all entries in the Collection Record. Scavenger
    Destroy all the body parts of a large Oni in a single mission. Clean Sweep
    Destroy 100 Oni body parts. Dismemberer
    Destroy 500 Oni body parts. God of Destruction
    Collect 100 items from the battlefield. Eagle Eye
    Slay 1000 small Oni. Child's Slay
    Slay 100 large Oni. "Slay You, Slay Me"
    Maximize equipment chest and materials chest capacity. Neat and Tidy
    Grow the Guardian Tree to its maximum size. Arborist
    Develop the offering box to its maximum size. Pleasing the Gods
    Obtain Gold member status at the Shop. "Right this Way, Sir"
    Learn all gestures. Mime
    Send your Tenko on 30 journeys. Off You Go
    Raise your bonds with one of your allies to their maximum level. True Love
    Raise your bonds with all of your allies to their maximum level. Beloved by All
    Bathe in the Pool of Purity 50 times. Skin Like a Prune
    Acquire a total of 1 million Haku. Tycoon
    Be officially anointed as a Slayer. Press Slay to Start
    Clear Chapter 1. A True Slayer
    Clear Chapter 2. Mighty Slayer
    Clear Chapter 3. Unit Leader
    Clear Chapter 4. Veteran Slayer
    Clear Chapter 5. Great Unifier
    Clear all chapters. Conquering Hero
    Complete Phase 3. Explorer
    Complete Phase 5. Adventurer
    Complete Phase 10. Thrill Seeker
    Forge a Mitama to your weapon at the Shrine. Strong in Spirit
    Bathe with someone of the opposite sex in the Pool of Purity. Forbidden Pleasures

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