Touhou Hisouten Soku Cheats For PC

  1. Unlockable Secret Characters for Versus Mode

    To be able to use Utsusho and Suwako in versus mode, Simply just finish the story mode with Sanae Kochiya, and once the credits roll are done, just go to versus mode and you'll have the full roaster for the characters in Hisou Tensoku.

    Code Effect
    Beat the Story Mode using Sanae Kochiya Utsuho Reiuzi
    Beat the Story Mode using Sanae Kochiya Suwako Moriya
  2. Cirno's Story Mode

    Complete Story mode with Sanae

    Code Effect
    Complete Story Mode with Cirno Meiling's Story mode
  3. Suwako's Theme

    To unlock Suwako's theme in the Music Room and for use in vs mode, fight her once in Arcade mode.

  4. Extra Characters for Arcade Mode

    Depending if you face these characters, you will automatically have them for Vs. Modes and Arcade Mode. -- Note: It might be rare to fight them sometimes. -- Note: You DO NOT need to win against them to unlock them.

    Code Effect
    Face her in Arcade Mode Alice Margatroid
    Face her in Arcade Mode Patchouli Knwoledge

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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