Touchgrind Cheats For iPhone/iPod

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    Robotic moves. Half organism, half machine. Mechanic Flower
    Concrete Wave Magazine. 100% Skateboarding. Concrete Wave
    Originated from the Caspian Sea. Brings you good luck Kakkoii
    Streetlab Skateboard shop. By skaters. For skaters. Streetlab
    Off the Hook design. Makes you diamondz. Picky Design
    Made from the fine wood of the cherry tree. In Bloom
    Crafted for gods. Protected by heaven. Divine Spirit
    Tokyo style. Denwa wa doko desu ka? Mushi Mushi
    Insane flips. No monkey business. Jermaine
    Skate like a King. Be rewarded like a King. The King
    Found in a Mongolian temple centuries ago. Rub the tummy to unleash Zen. Zen
    The devil's own board with extreme powers. Black Devil
    Fast and Furious The Ninja

    Contributed by: Guard Master