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What Gamespot Users have to say about Touch My Katamari

  • User Rating 8.5

    Touch My Katamari puts the King of the Cosmos back in the limelight and puts the Vita's features to good use.

    Rated on February 27, 2012 by vadicta

    It's no lie that the Katamari games have lost some of their luster over the years. They haven't really evolved beyond what made the original game the hit it was, and have since fallen into obscurity. ...

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  • User Rating 8

    Touch my Katamari Review

    Rated on March 11, 2012 by JamieHubble

    I purchased this title on a friends recommendation and i don't look back at all. For people unaware what this game is all about (like i was), you play as Prince, a 5 mm tall demi-god as such and are ...

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  • User Rating 7

    Touch My Katamari continues the crazy style, but only has about a dozen levels.

    Rated on April 28, 2012 by ivory_soul

    The Good: Katamari gameplay is intact, dual analog sticks are a lifesaver, the weirdness is back, nice Japanese inspired soundtrack The Bad: Poor use of Vita features, extra content is lame, only a...

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  • User Rating 6

    The King of All Cosmos and the Prince returns, but their visit is extremely short.

    Rated on July 17, 2012 by JustPlainLucas

    In 2004, the world was introduced to Katamari Damacy, a game truly like no other. The concept of the game was to take a katamari, which is pegged ball that picks up whatever it touches, and roll it a...

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  • User Rating 6

    Touch My Katamari may bring Katamari action to the Vita, but it s nothing more than a so-so addition to the series.

    Rated on February 17, 2014 by daxlks

    Katamari Damacy has always been a completely off the wall series with a truly insane but likable nature to it, and the vita edition keeps true to that. It has the series’ awesome music, sense of...

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