You thought rome total war was awesome back then...Well read on.

User Rating: 9 | Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai PC
The only con I will say is the long long long load times BUT that is likely due to my computer it's a laptop not really suited for this kind of gaming I thought it was afterall thats what I asked for at best buy so...dont buy pc's at best buy they suck! 2 times now this laptop has fried but anyways load times probably my issue alone not overall just my personal experience still worth the load times dont worry.

This puts all the other games that play this style to shame, as long as you get the darth mod just google it which vastly improves the game, making it more fun and realistic and epic in scale.

Units-a lot of variety and let me tell you watching several artillary shells smack in a closesly grouped enemies is very fun to watch.

Graphics-are very nice they are somewhat limited but with the blood dlc makes the game so addictive watching heads being sliced off or watching enemies being shot and watching blood splurt is a very satisfying effect, overall the graphics are nice, great realistic smoke and fire effects, models are decent and landscape is very nice and varied.

sound-excellent sound effects from enemies gurgling in their death throes or charging to the overall music you hear very good music is great on the ears.

replay value-very high or until the next total war comes out if they can manage to do better than this well...I guess my head would explode I've played almost over 200 hours of this game so far thats a lot and I never used to play these type of games for very long I usually play fps like halo.

Gameplay-is pretty straight forward a lot of strategy games go too far and make it too hard to play or even simple menue controls this game is easy to point and click and things get done when you expect them to you dont have to go through several menues to order a specific action. Smooth as butter.

game length...I still haven't beaten it but thats largely due to my crappy laptop form best buy that isn't meant to play games like this, it plays it at max settings but hardrive eventually fries. Meh.

My overall view of it is this is an exellent game a must have for any pc gamer who enjoys strategy games.