Incredibly disappointing, doesn't belong next to other Total War games.

User Rating: 4.5 | Total War: Rome II PC
Not really much to say that has not been said already.

* Battle AI incredibly stupid, no strategy whatsoever. All units, no matter size, faction, etc... immediately break into mosh pit upon contact and break rank.
* Turns take roughly 60 seconds, End Turn takes about six minutes after only twenty turns for AI to make their moves.
* Dumbed down UI and interface makes for incredibly boring and monotonous game.

Rome II was a massive disappointment and it is obvious that CA is obeying the demands of SEGA on this one or simply do not care about their fanbase. No amount of patching will fix that. While I am sure that eventually mods will fix a great deal of content in this game, they can't fix CA.

The only reason I am still typing is because I HAVE to have 800 characters, when I think what I already wrote sums it up perfectly fine.