Will there be blood ?

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Will there be blood on release day or are they going to make a blood pack later on?

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They need to. I would be further inclined to play more battles instead of auto-resolve if the whole battlefield was just a gory bloodbath. It's time.
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Why would they do that? 

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They did it with Shogun2. Personnally i think its a bit cheap to charge for a visual effect like blood.

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They will probably do just like Shogun II and make it a DLC but if they do I do hope they do a better job than that DLC it was so bad I had to turn it off because it looked so fake...
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I hope so, it's why I still play shogun, even if it's not realistic it makes the battle more fun and realistic, I dont just auto resolve as much even if I know I will likely lose.

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this is my favorite reply ever made my day :DDD
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Please CA give us some gore in a DLC

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You know we hae heard very little fromt he devs are they just hiding because they know they screwed up a massively promised and extremely hyped game?  Hell the guy that died of cancer I think, how they put his face in the game...I wouldn't want my face on a game this aweful. Frankly I cant remember how it looked but I'd be disappointed if they gave me the chance to play it and got this...I'd be like I RATHER BE DEAD!


We haven't heard anything about them adding blood just worthless expensive packs of other factions.