Requim for this Board.

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RIP. See you at Medieval-3.

Sic volvere Parcas " So spin the Fates".

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Most game boards on this site died when GS split from GameFAQs. Only active boards are the general ones, and much discussion has been funnelled into the comments section of articles, video, content, etc.

The official total war forums are way more active anyway. But the old RTW GS board 10 years ago was crazy active from memory.

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Correct. Do you remember Grey Wolves- Silent Hunter 3 or 4 (Ubi, I believe) where we played as the Germans during the Battle of the Atlantic? That board had at least 30 Diehard posters and we kept the converstation going for over a year. I like the feeling of GS; it is not as sterile as TW Forums and I do not understand why so many people have forsaken this venue.

Sic volvere Parcas " So spin the Fates".