Registration error- dumb move.

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This is so embarassing that were it not for the fact that I want to play the Greek factions, I would just forget about it. I pre-ordered this game to get the benefit of the above and since this was the first time doing so, I just registered using the Code on the game ( no thinking here). Of course, I find out that this is wrong and getting back to EB Games I find out that a special code has been printed on my receipt. I tried deleteng the game and re-installing it hoping that the code box would appear and I could insert the proper sequence. No luck since it seems that Steam has equated my account with the game and the factory code. Does anyone know of a way around this problem. My face is red, red, red.

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Strategym; I see on the notice board that you replied to my confession regarding the registration error but when I went to retrieve it Gamespot just gave me a whole bunch of advertisements and no reply. Please repeat your answer by putting it on as a New Topic and hopefully it will come through. Tnx

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Oh, I had a reply but I figured it just might make things worse for you so I deleted it.

I think you should call EB again and ask about the code. Maybe you misunderstood them. The code they gave you on the receipt could be your DLC code. I've heard before that that was common practice in receiving your DLC code. So I would ask the store again. Your situation could be completely different though.

I pre-ordered the game and I had to put in my jewel case code and I had the DLC code e-mailed to me. So I had to put in two codes.

To register the DLC at Steam, you'll have to go to register new game or maybe it is register DLC and then put in the code.

Also to back up my theory that the receipt code is your DLC. Wouldn't they be giving you an extra game for free with what you described? Not common practice I assume, but sometimes the world makes little sense.

So you'll have to go to Steam and input the receipt code they gave you imo. If you are worried of messing it up more then call EB first and ask again. All just my opinion. What do you think?

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I tried deleteng the game and re-installing it hoping that the code box would appear and I could insert the proper sequence.


No, the code box shouldn't appear. You will have to go out of your way and at Steam go to register new game, or register DLC; one of those two.

Like I said I heard on the internet in at least one case that it is common practice for them to put the DLC code on your receipt. Maybe I dreamed that actually but if my memory doesn't fail I may have heard that. DLC codes can be packed with the game I know I read that for sure.

You can also try going to the EB games website, then type in FAQ, then look for the problem you are having. I found they give you an e-mail where you can make an enquiry.

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Tnx again. I will give it a go.

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Yeah, I think to register a new game/dlc you have to look at the top of the menu at Steam. And it will say "Games". Then go to "register new product."

Hope it works. If you kept your receipt you can always complain and hopefully get a result with someone Steam or EB if it doesn't work.

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Almost forgot I think you need Rome II, the base game, downloaded for it to accept your DLC code.

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Yes, I went to Steam and now have the path to get my game re-registered. However, I am in the middle of a campaign having the upper hand and am afraid to do this process in case it screws me up. I do thank you for your help and I will reprocess once I finish the campaign or the campaign finishs me. I am thankful that I kept my receipt and the DLC code is on it. Just my stupid. Still no Patch 3 emanating from CA this weekend. Maybe on Monday or Tuesday.

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