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I promise not to hog this board for a long time but I have just ONE more question. Where do I go to check for patch updates? I went to TW Centre and noticed a post from Radius that mentioned his total mod was compat. with Patch 3. Heck I'm not sure if I even have one although a while back when loading this game via Steam it took a 12 minutes delay that was headlined as "update". Not sure if patchs are done vial Steam or we have to go elsewhere. Help is much appreciated.

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As far as I know they are done with Steam. That is how I have gotten all my updates. I am pretty sure I have only gotten update/patch 2 so far. I always get them late.

Your game will still say version 1. But it will have a different long end number at the start-up menu. If I am correct (but I may not be) then patch 3 has the end number 7018.455411. I copied that number down from a different thread who knows maybe it represents patch 2. You can also opt into Beta patch 3 by going to your Rome II Steam properties and signing up for the Beta. I do not sign up for the Beta patches because I've heard it messed up peoples' games. Just thought I'd let you know that is an option.

Sorry I could not be of more help or offer an exact answer. By all means feel free to hog the board: The board could use some life imo.

Actually that long number I gave you I think it represents patch 2. I don't think I have gotten patch 3 yet, and that is the number displayed in my game. I hope to have patch 3 by tonight or Friday hopefully.

At steam make sure your setting for Rome II is set to "update automatically." I think that is the default setting. If you want the updates automatically, if not set it to "don't update automatically."

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Your reply gives me more assurance that the updates will come from Steam direct (which is about the only good thing Iwill say about Steam). I was on the TW Centre and one poster stated that Patch 3 was expected to be delivered on Friday, Sept. 26..Please let it address effectively some of the bugs that have cropped up from time to time. Thanks.

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I just saw someone on Steam write that we will get the official patch 3 after the weekend.

I am still hoping for this Friday. Looks like they delayed it.

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Corrrection to my last rep[ly on my problem with registration. I missed the operative word in you comment here; being AFTER the weekend.

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