Naval strategy

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Does anyone actually fight the sea battles or do you just auto-resolve. I found in Shogun-2 that 10 units was about as much a I could handle but since I don't know if I am going to run into a fleet with armies contained in 20 ships I have built my 4 fleets to the max. The problem is I cannot handle all of them effectively. Any suggestions?

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I have exactly the same problem! I just auto resolve sea battles but feel I am missing out on a big part of the game. There must be a trick to commanding sea battles surely? anyone?

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I have some of the artillary equiped ships and on one occasion I faced an enemy fleet of TWO against my 20 so naturally played it out. It was really fun to see these ships throwing "cannon" balls at these two eventually leading to a ramming and their sinking.

Sic volvere Parcas " So spin the Fates".