Name your most vital tips! (Spoilers)

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I am lazy, so I will only give one.

You can set multiple waypoints (movement commands) for a unit by holding "shift" and clicking points with your mouse. I think I got it to work with going past a unit and then attacking from behind. I don't think the attack command works with hold shift + mouse click all the time--I am not sure.

I also knew that worked in Empire, but I forgot all about it in Rome II until the 40th hour.

Oh okay, so I lied tip 2.

The unit formations are also pretty useful. I'm not talking about single unit formations, those are useful too--I am talking about the formations menu for multiple units. I thought I had to pick a large amount of units to get those formations to work, but they work excellently with just 2 units. They are useful if you want to make 2 units walk in a column or if you want to have units walking on a slant in a perfect row.

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A good choice of subject esp. for the newcomers to the game. My fav. strategy is to centre on one direction taking out the entire nation before making new enemies. In other words; do not, for any reason, spread your resources too thin. To buld a strong defensive network thereby allowing your standing armies to move on, I attack the built up, walled cities of the enemy when my stats allow. It is harder to take these centres but on the other hand, it is easier to defend and keep them. Plus I find that the game increases the garrison size and defensive artillary at a faster rate since more of the infrastructure is already in place and just has to be converted.

Sic volver Parcas " So spin the Fates".

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A simple tip. I went through an entire campaign with "Show AI movement" set to partial. Now on my second campaign I set "show AI" movement to off. I went from 1.5 minute faction turn times to 10 second turn times. I prefer the show AI movement off and showing the AI moves is kinda useless anyway.

Probably a good tip for new people who feel the turn times are too long. Most people probably know about this already, but I don't want to sit ldly by and let people torture themselves the way I tortured myself.