Lopsided Victory Battle

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Just wanted to share this with everyone in case it helps you down the road. The Egyptians attacked my town where I had a full stack of 2 Pret. Cavalry, 3 velites and the rest Pret. Guards but I also had two full fleets docked in the harbour. The odds against me were approx. 8.000 vs 3,500 and it didn't look too good in holding this town (no walls). However, the patience of building up substantial tech. levels and town capacity as is my practice in the early stages of a TW game workd since these soldiers were top level and after a 19 minute battle the Sons of Mars held the battlefield. Don't underestimate the value of your navies as they can do much more then just sink opposition fleets and blockade enemy ports. ALso this works well when blockading a port city while your army attacks from the land. Increased forces acting in a pincer movement. Just thought I would share with those of you who might not have utlized this before.

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