Incredibly dumbed down game

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 I did not want to write this before to give it a try to like the game. I played this game for around 11 hours so far. I could not play any longer. This game has many issues. I am NOT talking about performance issues, surprisingly I did not have many, but I have high end rig (i7, 7950, 8GB operative etc, I played on Extreme). I am talking about generally flawed and illogical gameplay issues: 

-A.I. (Both battle map and campaign) A.I. in campaign would attack a 15+stack army with a single unit. Also in some cases A.I. will simply stand outside of City Gates when besieging a City until the Battle Times runs out, even if another of it's units managed to burn down the gates.
-A lot of features from the original Rome have been removed. (assassination videos, family trees, unable to toggle use of pila on roman units)
-U.I. is simplified (probably for consoles). This is a minor point for me, but it does add to the overall picture of CA having dumbed things down severely (again probably for the console playing masses). 
-No season change (One year - one turn) Because of this agents and generals dying like flies, no point to upgrade
-Capture points make no logical sense in the game. Terrain advantage is thus mooted (needs to be removed)
-Campaign end turn times are LONG even in single player (again, something I could live with if the rest of the game was up to par)
-Battle speed needs to be slowed down. All my battles have been under 10 minutes (Usually averaging 6 minutes.) 2 of those minutes are spent walking to the battle, 3-4 mins for the entire battle.)
-AI Defend or AI attack doesn't seem to do anything. Nothing that can be observed anyway.
-Naval battles are buggy
-Graphics need an improvement (textures, horrendous faces, etc.)

I don't know if this can be fixed in future patches, I hope so, but for now this game will go on the shelf for some time.

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I hate CA right now for ruining the franchise.
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Overall my impression is that instead of topping the original RTW, CA went ahead and severely dumbed things down for the console playing masses (Devs call this "streamlining"), thus ruining a game that was once synonymous with intelligent gaming. I could live with the textures and other graphical issues, or even with one or the other bug if it wasn't for the deeply flawed gameplay issues. Hopefully CA addresses the issues or someone comes out with a decent mod soon.

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You are overracting, in a matter of ways, justified by the sky high expectations but consider this: Most of the AI related problems occur from the recently introduced battle fog of war, the AI is not magically aware of your presence and run towards it like being laser guided, so that why sometimes units that are islotated, ignoring the presence of the rest of the army and the enemy at the gates that never attact the settlement after the battle far away from it bug. This can be easily patched and will be in less than a month considering the resources that are put to patching. CE knows that they need more polish, as the game was eagerly awaited and had to be launched, even half ready. As for the long wait, exactly because the game is so deep and complicated, the wait was been expansed between turns, some of them seem uncessary for your faction, but it would be a matter of survival or perish for another one. To offer as much realistic behavior as possible the AI needs to consider the stategy for each and every faction, in each and every turn, even with small details, as internal politics for each of them and asdjust them to both current condition and long term planning. The player can exploit all of those details to his benefit. Some players might not care for certain political or cultural happenings, but for the ones who do, the option must be there. And the game takes great attention to treat everyone the same, as CE have been heavily criticised in the past because of that. But it seems that some ppl will always complain regardless of that... Later expansions will add far more depth and polish to fuctions that are of lesser concern now, as the series expands its field of action in more matters with every new installment. This is not Shogun, this is not an isle, of limited powers, resources and geography. The other clans wont attack you from the other part of Europe when you raise power to threaten the Shogun, they wont even bother with you, while you are hundreds of miles away... As for the victory points introduction, this is also another long time criticism onto the series, by many strategy fans, that praised the DoW/CoH vicrory point system and criticised TW of being too stationary, so the fast paced option is know fully induced, reflected by gathering troops on the go, win by conquering the battlefield, rather than dig in (unless you are sieged) etc I dont agree with that personally, they could have found a better presentation for it, if you check the opening cinematic for the original DOW and the fierce battle that took place, for one victory point, you will understand, ut frankly we all saw that coming, after the praise Shogun 2 got for introducing such strong points in the MP, the gave significant boosts to troops and dominated the games. Very few of us opposed to it, because we saw whats coming next and here we are now...
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Yeah I think I'm done with this series, I've had a ton of fun on shogun 2 for sure, but it's boring now I've beaten it so many times, It just doesn't excite me anymore, I'm gonna go back to playing star trek bridge commander, though thats as buggy as you can get it's still amazing simulated battles.


Also I wish we could get a sequel of homeworld 2 not the one that was announced a strategy version, and another supreme commander but not form the 2nd one on the consoles...that game was HORRIBLE!!!

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Empire was awful, Shogun 2 was just as bad and now this......
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I have long been under the impression that we, the gaming buyers are nothing more than lab rats to CA. Put the game out regardless and see what floats.

Sic volvere Parcas " So spin the Fates".

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Yea, pretty much the same for me as the op. The thing that always ticked me off about this company is that they released their games with some terrible bugs and instead of fixing them, they would announce an expension to grab more cash. Baasically the community was left to fix their games.

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Yes, well said. Compared to the first Rome Total War, the dumbing-down is frightening, even for Creative Assembly. I don't even rate this as a CA game, the great ones were made by a totally different (GOOD) group of people in Australia.

I think this new CA "team" in the UK were far too busy tweeting on twitter, updating their Facebook accounts and too busy drinking beer down the pub at their "Rally Point" meetings. They forgot about making an actual strategy game.

So, where did all the dev money go? Blessed? Strong? Hawke?? It DIDN'T go to the wonderful Jeff van Dyke...

I just despair... if I was head of CA I would start by sacking Laycock and Lusted and move operations back to Australia to work on Medieval III.