Hilarious Battles.

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We all know this game is seriously bent right now but I want to share a funny contest I had with the Anartes today. The armies were evenly matched and they wemt up against Brundisium with my forces consisting of 12 garrison troops and supported by 4 naval units. The Anartes all line up on the south-east coast line and then all but two units just STAND THERE for the full 20 minutes. One unit starts to do the Tenessee (sp?) two step in a circle finally having 62/80 mowed down whle the other unit attempts to scale an otherwise climbable hill (but just stays put). I close in on the Tenessee boys and hear their commander shouting " move your fat arse" and " did you come here to stare or to have a fight". Too bad CA didin't put more ingenuity into making a more stable game then putting their genius to work on the scripting. Anyone else have some story to relate?

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That is weird. I hear people tell of the AI doing strange things, or failing to move or to react. As good as never happens in my game. Wonder if it is because I have a lot of RAM 12GB.

I have also never seen the AI fail to pathfind in my game, and I would say it is a big improvement over Empire.

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I'd agree with the second comment. Empire is still my favourite game (although falling in love with Rome II), but the AI wasn't great, although still better than most previous efforts. I didn't play Shogun a huge amount - loved the art style, but it never really grabbed me. Rome II at the moment is at least as good in AI terms. I haven't had stalled battles - the AI always tried to do something and in city fights it always tries to flank me. The only problem for the AI is most cities I've attacked have lower powered troops (mobs or slingers) and whilst the hoplites can go toe to toe with principes or triarii for a while, the others can't and if you can get cavalry loose around their formation you can kill the flanking force all too easily. That's not the AI's fault - that's just the fact that the troops are missile troops and can't handle cavalry. If anything, the AI seems hyper aggressive and responsive (think I'm playing my first campaign on hard, not a higher level) - about half way through dealing with Carthage and it's African allies about 30-35 turns in and they're raiding up and down the Italian/Corsican coast. If I attack somewhere, they respond and adapt and attack behind me. My legions are stronger individually, but I haven't got the number of forces to pin them, so they're being annoying. I will have dealt with them inside another 5 turns, but they seem brigher both on the strategic and tactical maps than in previous games.
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I'm not sure it is a "power" thing since I am running a custom gaming rig about one year old which has nVidea 560 GTX, inTel i7, 950 at 3 GHz and 12GB RAM. . Even with these stats, the game warns me before a battle that video memory is low and has to downgrade some of the features. This I still do not understand but the battle was funny. I just had to sit behind my walls and wait for the 20 minute time limit to run out before I bid the Anartes a fond farewell.

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Really odd the different experiences of different systems - demonstrates I suppose why real world testing to find bugs and driver issues is necessary. My rig is 2nd gen i5, 8gb ram, Windows 7 64 bit and a GTX 660ti. Added to that is a 500gb Seagate hybrid drive (part SSD, part normal HDD) and I also notice that at the end of a turn the AI flags fly (for the most part) by, although I'm not anywhere near end game yet. HD speed (same as Empire and Shogun) I think makes a real differnece to how long the AI takes between your turns. I haven't had (at least past the first patch) any of the graphical or other glitches, and our systems should be simiar, or if anything yours should be faster. My hybrid HD might be a bit quicker, but I doubt your 560 is bottlenecking and processer and ram in your system should be faster.