Glitch or Weak PC?

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Hey guys,


Like most others it seems, I'm having performance issues with Rome 2. My machine easily meets the recommended requirements but when it comes down to city battles, the game lags. What's surprising, is that my FPS doesnt go down, the camera moves around quite smoothly, but all units seem to act like the FPS drops. I couldn't work out whether its my machine or the game... if it is the game, I hope they'll fix it.


I've got an ATI HD5900 1gb graphics card which 3 years ago was the top of the range, and even though it isn't any more, it still runs very well.

I was also having issues with textures, I've solved that problem by running the game in a windowed mode. If you are having the same issue, I'd recommend you to try it. You may find that the game isn't cetered on your screen originally, but if you select a different resolution - accept it and then return to your desired resolution, it should fix it. You won't even know you are running in windowed mode.


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Same thing with me on global map, game freez on the moment, but fps stay same, with Radeon 7770, quadcore and 8GB ddr3. In battle I have problem with textures, in the first campaign when attacking last city, moving cursor over the town results that soldiers are everywhere, on the whole map, on every single spot on the map.
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Trust me they're glitches, it's the same for me, my PC is way over the recommended requirements hell I play all games maxed out so far and when it comes to Rome II, it lags like nothing before, bad optimization of the game, it's on CA's hands to update that crap, period.