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I am on turn 120 and have for the most part played very cautious in first building up the military and civic techs. alternately. I control the six cities/villages on the peninsula plus I sent an army over to conquer Alalia. My question is when your armies are maxed out (I have 6) looking after all but one of the holdings, how does one take on another expansion campaign without leaving one of the towns undefended since raising armies is dependent on outward expansion? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Youre at turn 120 and you dont know that towns/cities have their own garrisons? No offence mate, but do your read the building descriptions/abilities? 

I've just passed turn 125 and Ive got 36 regions/towns and 8 provinces. 

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No offence taken; my fault. I found the answer shortly after posting. This is also my method of play on a new game which is to ramp up the military and civic abilities before going on expansion. Since TW never had "gimmes" like this before it never occured that garrisons wouldl auto spawn. Tnx for the reply.

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You'll never have enough armies to put them in every city unless you don't expand. Best to place them on the map strategically along with your agents and use your agents to stall them if your military is out of position and you aren't confident with your garrison.
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Even the strength of garrisons varies depending on other military building types in the settlement, and the garrison is just there to fend off small raids, not a full enemy army. I think the best you can do is try to dedicate one or two armies to "patrol duty" by positioning them in strategic central locations near the border to quickly aid any cities under threat from enemies that get past your other advancing armies.

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Thank you for the tip. Appreciated.

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Glad to help! :)