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I started this game totally bewildered by the "over engineering" of it. By the time I was ready to expand off of Italy (120 turns!!) I had a very strong ally in Suebi who held 90 percent of the North. Sounded ideal at the time so my mind started to centre on Carthage with expansion all aong the N. African coast. Now my six armies are spread all over the place and on declaring war against the Sulecids I find that I am now facing their navy which numbers around 12. Not in a very good spot so my next game will be to tackle my northern neighbours early on while developing the two tech trees in an even process. At least my initial armies stand a better chance of supporting one another while not having to worry about blockades from the sea. Conquor the North like J. Ceasar then look to the South.

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I haven't got that far yet - only up to about turn 10 so far (and wasted several hours last night playing historical battles). I used to adopt that strategy in the original Rome though - I started off going into Gaul and northern europe, but then adapted slightly when I realised that Gaul was so poor in terms of resources in the early game that it made sense to charge down the Dalmatian coast and try and take some of the Greek territories and also to pile into Spain, just because of the economic benefits, and also with a few key armies, you could protect your northern flanks via bottlenecks through the mountain ranges. Naval battles in Rome 1 though were pointless and there was no point controlling the Med, provided that you could always move your ships transporting amies and disembark at the end of each turn to keep them safe. I assume with the naval system in Rome II that that approach won't work and I'll need to protect my sea lanes as I would playing as the Brits in Empire. There is still though probably a big upside to protecting your southern coast and concentrating on the northern territories before expanding into Africa, or too far east along the Med.
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I am not sure just how the Imperium policy works in this game since I have control of about 15 or so provinces with a couple of nations under my belt and I have only gone through one upgrade in the Imperium with the addition of a few more armies. It is getting to the point where everytime I defeat an enemy and take over his province, I expect a much needed boost to the number of standing armies that I can control. But so far, no luck. As an aside, I earlier had great fears that the Suleucids were going to blockade a good number of my port holdings since I only had 5 fleets strung out all over the place while they seemed to have at least 3x that number. Luckily, I had Garamantia as a client state and with them coming on side with war against the Sule's, their substantial fleets whittled my concern down to a reasonable level.

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I have 12 armies going for me now after a 160 or so turns. More than I need actually (maybe not).

I just made sure I didn't start war with everyone. I started of as Sparta, united Greece, made peace with my northern neighbors, trade agreements and non-agression pacts, and then headed east. To my surprise my non-agression pacts have held for like 150 turns.

Fleets are good for protecting your port cities, you won't have to waste an army, usually, if you have a fleet garrisoned in the city.

Someone on Steam said, "You need to occupy more territory to raise your imperium."

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Yes, I gathered that when I received my first upgrde in numbers. I started very slowly in the game; at 120 turns I was still on the Italian penninsula and had acquired Alalia . This is my way of play the first time around because Iwant to see what a new game has to offer in the tech. trees. But at 70 AD, I now have approx. 40 provinces and have dusted about 4-5 natiions but still no second upgrade. Yes docking a fleet in port does give additional troops to the defence and this is what has saved me a few times because I am still shifting around my 9 armies

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I think you meant to say you haven't gotten a third or fourth upgrade yet because six armies is the second upgrade. I have 44 regions, I am a tiny bit over the imperium level, and I have 12 armies. Maybe you just need a couple more regions to go until you get 12 armies.

If your bar is around 90% full I find you will need 1-4 more regions to fill it up completely and advance.

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Mea culpa. In position to gather up 3 more settlements. Sure do need those extra boots.

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120 turns seems like a long time to avoid expansion.
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Yes it is but in my prev. post I explained that my method of play is to see what the tech trees have to offer while defending my home base. I guess you could say that all of my first attempts in the TW series are pre-meditated write-offs. I did not disappoint myself as I ended up with 42 provinces, 9 armies spread all over hells half acre and having to face the overwhelming power of the Persian Empire (loads of ships and armies). Game over and restart. Now I will play for real.

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