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Most Helpful Positive Player Reviews

  • Review Score:10

    One of the best games ever

    This game is unique. It is a one of a kind game that lets you command mass armies of tanks, robots, and jets. I am very impressed with this game. I have had this game since 2 months after it came out. When I played it, I... Read Full Review

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  • Review Score:9

    One of the best real-time strategy games ever created!

    Of all the strategy games ever made, few can even brush shoulders with Total Annihilation. It's game-play is superb, and offers hundreds of diverse units to employ on large-scale maps; large enough to make an event happe... Read Full Review

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  • Review Score:8.8

    Incredible game that has huge modding potential.

    I think Total Annihilation is an understated game and still holds it's own in the modern market. The fun of obliterating your opponent in a blaze of plasma death is undeniable. It also has massive modding potential and i... Read Full Review

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