Total Annihilation? Totally Amazing!

User Rating: 9.4 | Total Annihilation: The Core Contingency PC
In my opinion, an RTS game needs two one of two things. Either the constant threat of foreign armies charging in on you at any moment, unsure of what they could do; or having access to unknown units and being unaware of their power, defence and overall strength. If it does not, the game becomes very boring, very fast. In addition, let me tell you this, Total Annihilation definitely had both.

The original Total Annihilation game was by far one of, if not the best RTS games of its time. The 3D effects were the best of its time, and the AI was amazing. After a while however, it got a little samey, and went from one of the best games you have played in a long time, into a mediocre to good game you could play on when you have nothing to do. The only reasons were the lack of maps to play, the shortage of different mission and the small variety of units to build and destroy. Someone important must have felt the same thing and so came up with an idea. The idea that even though the Arm, being the good guys, had finally won this long, drawn out, arduous battle; the Core could still have lived on. They could have lived on, and implemented a back-up plan, a plan B... A contingency plan. This contingency plan would mean new missions, more world to use and, of course, new units.

This add on pack to the original death dealing war game created a method of resurrecting one of the greatest game series in the world. The story behind The Core Contingency, is what happened after the immense battles of the original game. The Skirmish games are extremely exiting, flinging you into a battle against an AI opponent with access to any of the units the game has to offer. The system of levelling up from basic units to their advanced versions has not been touched, though with the Core’s ‘Krogoth’ only being accessible via Advanced Construction creating a certain factory it is like a third level up. This may seem a disappointment for some, but I feel it was perfect to begin with and am pleased it has stayed the same. In fact, most of the game has stayed the same with them only removing or altering the things that actually needed changing.

All in all, Total Annihilation: The Core Contingency is an amazing success and a fantastic game. 45 minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master. With all of the new units/maps/missions, you will be on this for a while before you see sunlight again.

10/10 for its enjoyability. 9/10 for its overall score.