Total Annihilation: Kingdoms - The Iron Plague Cheats For PC

  1. Password Cheats

    Press [enter] to bring up the message window. Hit + and then enter a code from the list below. Hit [enter] again to activate the code.

    Code Effect
    atm Fill Mana
    bigbrother Change unit dialogue when moved
    bps Show bps transfer rate
    cdstart Start/Stop music
    clock In-game clock
    combustion Kills enemies
    contour [1-15] Shows 3D contour type
    control [#] Use different skirmish AI
    doubleshot 2X damage
    halfshot Half damage
    fogcolor [1-256] Change fog color
    honk Makes honk sound when units stop
    ilose Instant loss
    iwin Instant win
    infrared Toggle fog of war
    kill [0-4] Kill player #
    light Hide shaded objects, darken all buildings
    logo [1-9] New logo color
    lotsablood More blood
    lushee Slight resource increase
    makeposter Take screenshot of map
    mapping Dark screen
    meteor Random meter shower
    nanolathing Nanolathing doubled
    noshake Screen won't shake during explosions
    nowisee Disable line of sight
    quit Exit to Windows
    radar 100% radar coverage
    reloadaiprofiles Reload AI
    rollingfog Toggle fog
    screenchat Toggle chat text
    seti Toggle radar map
    sfx Toggle sound effects
    shareradar Share radar information
    shootall Target all enemies with units
    tilt Maximum units and material
    view [number] View selected players info
    zipper Build units faster

    Contributed by: eli0918 

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